Do I need one or two shallow water anchors?

Depends on how you fish. One Power-Pole anchor will stop and hold a 4500lb, 28’ boat. With one Power-Pole anchor your boat will stop quickly but wind and water current will determine which way the bow of the boat will face. You will not spin in circles unless you are in the eye of a hurricane!

With two PP anchors you have total boat control and can position the bow of the boat in any direction despite the wind and the current direction.

What is the difference between CM1 and CM2 Power-Pole anchors?
  • CM 1 & 2 refers to C-Monster Control System, our dedicated wireless marine protocol.
  • CM1 anchors operate on a 400 Mghz signal. CM2 anchors operate on a stronger 900 Mghz signal which increases the range and response time from the wireless controllers.
  • CM2 also features two-way communications between the pump and wireless controllers. This results in confirmation of any button push between the pump and the controllers.
  • CM1 and CM2 pumps and controllers are NOT compatible with each other because they operate on different frequencies.
  • All CM2 model Power-Pole anchors feature heavy-duty hydraulic hoses and fittings built for marine use.
Where is my serial number located?

The serial number is located on the stern bracket for all hydraulic anchors. For more details on how to locate these numbers on all Power-Pole products, including the CHARGE and Micro, click here: Locate My Serial Number

Does Power-Pole offer custom colors?

Yes we offer custom colors. Prices vary based on color and quantity. Call 813-689-9932 opt. 1

Do you offer upgrade options for my Power-Pole CM1 anchor?

Yes. We offer several CM1 product upgrades, please call us for more information at 813-689-9932 opt. 1

Is there a reason your deepest anchor is 10ft?

When stalking fish in shallow water you need to be extremely stealthy. Power-Pole anchors are designed to be swift. silent. secure.

When you are deeper than 10ft of water you can use other methods to hold a boat in position.

Also, keep in mind, the deeper you anchor a boat, the greater the forces on the transom and the heavier the unit would need to be.

We believe 10ft is the maximum for strength and accuracy.

What are the differences between Power-Pole anchor models?

All of our hydraulic anchors utilize the same technology. The main differences between anchor models are the hydraulic pump, size, color options and warranty. Take a closer look.

What are the benefits of a Power-Pole anchor over a GPS lock trolling motor?

Depending on your fishing depth, you need a Power-Pole or a GPS lock trolling motor.

In shallow water a Power-Pole anchor will quietly hold you in place without making noise, using battery power or mucking up the bottom, spooking the fish.

A Power-Pole anchor also allows you precise bow control and allows you to fish in any wind direction.

When using a trolling motor to lock a boat, the trolling motor will do it’s best to hold the bow into the wind or current, sometimes pointing the back of the boat to the fishing spot.

This is OK for water deeper than 10ft but a major disadvantage in shallow water because the motor speed will constantly vary, resulting in unnecessary noise and bottom disturbance in shallow water. Also while you are locked in shallow water you are draining your trolling motor batteries.

What's the difference between Power-Pole and Talon shallow water anchors?
  • Weight on transom – Power-Pole is the lightest, only 28.69lbs for our 10ft Blade.
  • Deployment method – Power-Pole uses an articulating arm spike deployment which allows the anchor to bend and twist without affecting deployment or retraction vs. a telescoping vertical deployment.
  • Depth – Power-Pole has a maximum deployment of 10ft deep for the most effective stopping and holding vs. 12ft.
  • Height clearance - Power-Pole features down and out of the way deployment which allows 360 degree casting without obstacle, allows adjustable deployment for low bridges and for getting into your garage vs. a fixed vertical obstruction.
  • Hydro vs. Electric – Power-Pole hydraulics feature drive-off protection should you happen to leave the anchor deployed protecting the anchor and your transom vs. electric cable driven mechanism which does not.
  • Maintenance and Service – Power-Pole maintenance is simple, rinse with hose after use, just like you rinse your boat and Power-Pole anchors are backed by the best service in the industry (read our customer reviews) vs. regularly deploying the entire Talon out of the water and spraying with lubricant.
  • Availability of mounting options – Power-Pole anchors feature custom adapter plates for each boat model and motor combination for the best angle and least weight vs. a universal adapter plate with substantial additional weight.
  • Accessories - Power-Pole offers foot switches, travel covers, drift paddle and down rigger for deep water fishing.
  • Warranty – Power-Pole offers a 5-year warranty on Blade and Pro II models, and 3 years on the Sportsman II vs 5 years on all models.
  • Repair - Power-Pole anchors can be repaired at any of our over 1500 nationwide dealer network facilities including over 300 Certified Warranty Centers vs. regional repair centers.
  • Price – Power-Pole hydraulic anchors start at $1,299 to $1,999 vs $1,899 to $2,499.
Can I run two Power-Pole anchors off of one pump?

No. Each Power-Pole anchor operates off of an individual pump. Each pump is designed with different pressure and speed settings built specifically for each model. Our motor assemblies feature a water resistant housing built for the marine environment. We use the smallest most compact pumps available to allow for an easy install in almost all boat models. Even in a dual installation.

What size boat can a Power-Pole Micro anchor hold?

The Micro anchor can stop and hold boats and kayaks up to 1500 lbs. (including boat, motor, gear and passengers)

Are you ever going to make a Power-Pole anchor deeper than 10ft?

No. In our research we have found to go deeper that 10ft would put too much stress on the anchor and cause a loss of stopping ability making the anchor less effective. And the additional weight can potentially diminish the performance of your boat.

Are you ever going to make a Power-Pole anchor deeper than 10ft?

No. In our research we have found to go deeper that 10ft would put too much stress on the anchor and cause a loss of stopping ability making the anchor less effective. And the additional weight can potentially diminish the performance of your boat.

Will a Power-Pole anchor drain my battery?

When Power-Pole anchors are connected to your boat’s 12V battery there is no significant drain on the battery because power is only used to raise and lower the anchor, there is not a constant draw of power to hold your boat in position. Power-Pole anchors deliver up to 1200 cycles (raise and lower) per charge which is more than enough for any day on the water.

What adapter plate do I need? Do you make a universal adapter plate?

We have created over 85 custom adapter plates to accommodate all boat, motor or jack plate combinations. Our adapter plates are designed to be lightweight and strong for any Power-Pole anchor you choose.

Our Adapter Plates are designed to tuck in close to the motor to be less intrusive on the rear deck when using dual Power-Pole anchors. This design / angle also allows for a superior hold by increasing the distance between the two spikes when deployed. Resulting in a better, stronger hold in all fishing conditions.

We also offer adapter plates for pontoon boats in deck mount and pontoon brace mount. We even offer a bow mount adapter plate for your Micro Spike Driver unit so you can add an additional spike to the front of your boat for even more stability.

We do not offer a universal adapter plate. In order to accommodate all boat, motor and jack plate combinations a universal plate would be too bulky and significantly heavier which could significantly reduce your boat performance.

What are most popular accessories for my Power-Pole anchor?

Depending your style of fishing some of our most popular accessories are wireless foot switches, travel covers, drift paddles, spike wraps and apparel.

What are the feature of the C-Monster app?

Our C-Monster Control System is the advanced operating system built specifically for the marine industry that lets you control and customize all new Power-Pole products. It puts features in your Power-Pole anchor so you can fine-tune your boat for any conditions and your specific style of angling. The C-Monster app allows you to connect, control and customize the entire family of Power-Pole products.

  • Quick product registration
  • Set up and configure Power-Pole products.
  • Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • Customize bottom sensing based on fishing area.
  • Pair additional controllers
  • Theft recovery
  • Software updates
  • Learn more at C-Monster.com
What are all the functions of the Power-Pole advanced dash switch?

Our Advanced Surface Mount wireless remote grants you the power of complete control. Enhanced with C-Monster 2.0 featuring 2-way communication and stronger signal, you get faster response and easy upgrade capability.


  • Independent control of multiple anchors.
  • Three speed settings: fast, med, stealth
What are the differences between the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor models?

*Note* All Power-Pole® shallow water anchors come complete with everything necessary for a transom mount installation.

The differences between each series can include the finish, the hardware used in construction, pump speed (deployment time), colors and sizes offered, as well as the warranty terms and details.

What colors are available for the Power-Pole® shallow water anchors?

Power-Pole® shallow water anchors are available in the following colors:

  • The Pro Series is offered in white and black powder coated finish.
  • The Sportsman II Series is offered in an anodized black finish.
  • The Signature Series , including the Blade Series, is offered in a white, black, blue, or red powder coated finish.
Do I have to use an Adapter Plate to mount my Power-Pole® anchor?

All Power-Pole® models include all hardware for a transom mount. However, many boats cannot accommodate a transom mount. For boats that do not accommodate a transom mount, we offer a complete line of adapter plates that will fit virtually any boat/jack-plate combination

How do I decide which Adapter Plate is right for my boat?

Contact your local dealer, use our Find My Adapter guide or call our Tech support hotline at (813) 689-9932 to determine what adapter plate will work best for you.

How much does an install normally cost?

Price for installation varies from dealer to dealer and boat to boat, so we recommend calling your local dealer for installation pricing. Find a dealer near you here.

Can I install the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor myself?

Yes, however you must possess the skills and tools necessary to complete the installation properly. Therefore, we strongly recommend having your Power-Pole® shallow water anchor installed by an authorized dealer.

What size boat can the Power-Pole® shallow water anchor be mounted on?

Boats of up to 28’ in length and 4500lbs

What accessories are available for my Power-Pole® shallow water anchor?

Please visit the accessories page of our website for an up to date complete list.

Can I operate two Power-Pole anchors off a single pump?

As the manufacturer, we recommend the use of independent pump systems with each Power-Pole anchor. Following are some reasons:

  1. Dual Power-Pole anchors will not deploy at the same time and/or same rate using one pump.
  2. The relief valves will not function according to the intended design of the Power-Pole anchor and may cause a mechanical failure when using only one pump system.
  3. Many features of our 2012 and newer models will not be functional when a single pump is used to operate dual Power-Pole anchors.

Furthermore, since damage is quite possible using one pump with two Power-Pole anchors, doing so will void all warranties. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact our technical support staff at 813-663-3999.

I need more hydraulic fluid. Where can I purchase your hydraulic fluid?

We suggest you use Green Marine, which is a non-toxic and biodegradable fluid. Green Marine can be purchased through any of our authorized dealers or here on our website. As an alternative, any ISO032 hydraulic fluid or SAE10 oil can be used.

Is there an easy way to compare the differences between Power-Pole anchors?

Yes. Simply got to the product page for the anchor you are interested in, then click the COMPARE button under the price. On the Product Comparison Page you can add other anchors and see a direct comparison of the features for each.

What is the input voltage for the Power-Pole Charge?

120v 60Hz

Do you ship to other countries?

We ship to addresses in the USA and Canada only. Please see a listing of our international distributors or contact us with any questions.

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