CHARGE Marine Power Manager

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The CHARGE Marine Power Manager is an advanced onboard smart charger that does the work of four devices. It’s a traditional battery charger, a bi-directional power manager, a charge-on-the-run, and an emergency start system – all in one compact unit. The CHARGE is compatible with various battery configurations and battery types, including high-performance lithium batteries. CHARGE prioritizes your charging needs in real-time using the C-Monster app or a compatible multi-function display. CHARGE automatically devotes more power to the batteries that need it the most for maximum efficiency, giving you more time doing what you love out on the water.

  • Works with all battery types -- high performance lithium, lead acid, AGM, GEL and TTPL
  • Re-balances and maintains your battery health
  • Delivers up to 500 watts of power
  • Out-of-the-box installation is simple and easy
  • Real-time voltage and status updates via the C-Monster app or comptatible MFD
  • Integrate with select displays from Lowrance, Simrad and GARMIN
  • C-Monster app available for iOS and Android devices
  • IP-65 rated waterproof case






WARNING: California Proposition 65

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CHARGE Marine Power Manager
CHARGE Marine Power Manager CHARGE Marine Power Manager CHARGE Marine Power Manager CHARGE Marine Power Manager
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A Smarter Power Management System

This 500-WATT power station provides a maximum of 40amps for charging the cranking battery and up to 25amps for the trolling batteries. CHARGE is compatible with various battery types – lithium, lead acid, AGM, GEL, and TPPL. Utilizing the C-Monster app or a compatible MFD, you can actively monitor your battery status and choose to prioritize recharging your trolling or cranking batteries. The CHARGE system automatically sustains minimum power levels according to your personalized settings.

Compact Design

The CHARGE unit is 10.62x7.95x2.78 inches in size and weighs less than 9lbs, ensuring easy integration into your boat. As a versatile 4-in-1 unit, it will replace your existing chargers and jump-start systems, freeing up valuable space and weight on your vessel.

User Friendly Display Options

The CHARGE provides battery status through a straightforward LED light system for quick reference, or for more detailed battery voltage and status information, you can access even more information via the C-Monster app or a compatible MFD equipped with Power-Pole Gateway.

Easy to Install

Installing the CHARGE is a quick and easy process requiring only four screws. The straightforward wiring instructions leverage your boat’s existing shore power and alternator system, eliminating the need for intricate splicing or advanced electrical expertise. Simply refer to the CHARGE installation manual to set up your boat’s battery bank.

Built-In Safety Features

Engineered for secure operation in challenging conditions, the CHARGE features an integrated heatsink cooling system and temperature sensors embedded in the wiring sheath for ultimate protection. Additionally, the CHARGE casing adheres to IP65 waterproof standards, ensuring protection against potential water intrusions into the unit’s internal components.

Wiring Sheath

Compatible MFD's

(Requires Power-Pole Gateway)

  • NSS Evo3
  • NSO Evo3
  • NSO Evo2
  • GO 5 XSE
  • GO 7 XSR
  • GO 9 XSE
  • GO 12 XSE
  • IDS
  • 2020+ Models
  • HDS Live
  • HDS Carbon
  • Elite Ti2
  • Echomap Ultra
  • Echomap UHD/UHD2
  • GPSMAP 8600
  • GPSMap x2
  • GPSMap x3
Mercury Vessel View
  • 903
  • 703
  • 502

Two button Key Fob Included
Total weight 8.75 lbs
Power supply Up to 500 watts of power
  • Height: 10.62”
  • Width: 8”
  • Depth: 3.03”
  • Max 40 amps to the engine battery
  • Max 25 amps to the auxiliary batteries
  • Max 500W 12V engine battery charge from shore power
  • Max 500W 24/36V "run charge" from 12V engine battery and/or shore power
  • Max 500W 12V "back charge" from Auxiliary 24/36V battery to engine battery
IP Rating IP65
A/C Input 120v 60Hz
Soft Close Cylinder No
Drive off protection No
3-Year Warranty
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