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Find a Dealer

Services Key:

  • This Authorized Dealer knows everything about your Power-Pole anchor. Their service technician is certified by JL Marine Systems to preform warranty and non-warranty repair on all Power-Pole products.

    Certified Warranty

  • This Authorized Dealer can show you how Power-Pole hydraulic anchors work. They have a display featuring the various Power-Pole anchors and they have the knowledge to help you determine which anchor is right for you.

    Hydraulic Display

  • This Authorized Dealer can show you how the Power-Pole Micro anchor works. They have an operational Micro anchor on display and can help you determine if it’s the right anchor for your vessel and style of fishing.

    Micro Display

  • This Authorized Dealer can install Power-Pole anchors for you. They have the knowledge and experience to make sure you get the right anchor solution for your model boat.

    Installation Available

  • This authorized dealer can install a Micro Spike Driver or other accessories, including mounts, on their selection of kayaks, paddleboards and small vessels.

    Rigging Available

  • This authorized dealer has the capability to come to you and your boat thanks to mobile service technicians.

    Mobile Service

  • This authorized dealer specializes in paddleboards, kayaks and non-motorized watercraft and can help determine which Spike anchor setup is right for you.

    Paddle Sports

  • This authorized dealer has a selection of official Power-Pole apparel, accessories and other merchandise on display.



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