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The Power-Pole Blade Edition: STRONGER, SMOOTHER, and BETTER THAN EVER. Bringing your vessel to a halt in up to 10 feet of water. NOW AVAILABLE with our most advanced hydraulic pump to date — Power-Pole ONE Pump. The ONE Pump is strong enough to power dual shallow water anchors faster and quieter than ever before. The Dual Blades ONE Pump package is available on all Blade model anchors — including the NEW BLACK OUT Edition (available exclusively with ONE Pump packages)


Engineered for the most demanding conditions, the rugged Everflex® spike is virtually indestructible, seamlessly stowing itself into the pocketed design of this aerodynamic-inspired model with swift, silent efficiency. Maximize your on-water adventures with our Blade Edition shallow water anchor – a testament to toughness and optimized for durability. Step up your game and harness the power of the Blade Edition today.


  • Fastest stopping time
  • Aerodynamic design
  • Soft Close System
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Reinforced stern bracket
  • Available up to 10ft in length
  • Marine grade powder coated finish
  • Down and away deployment
  • Built-In drive off protection
  • Quick and easy installation
    Dual Blade ONE Pump Includes:
  • (2) Blade Anchors
  • (2) ONE Wireless Remotes
  • Mountable Remote Cradle
  • ONE Dual Anchor Pump
  • HD Hydraulic Hoses
    Individual Blade Pump Includes:
  • 2-button key remote
  • Advanced Dash Switch
  • Upgraded Hydraulic Pump (HPU)
  • HD Hydraulic Hoses


WARNING: California Proposition 65

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Blade Edition
Blade Edition Blade Edition Blade Edition
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The Blade Edition utilizes a ported-arm design and is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum to minimize weight. Anchor lengths of 8 and 10 feet allow you to securely hold in fresh or saltwater. Our fastest deploying and strongest holding anchor system is available in your choice of colors, blue, red, black or white with durable powder coated finish. Includes wireless Standard Key Fob and Advanced Surface Mount remote controls powered by C-Monster Control System. Unconditional lifetime warranty on the Everflex spike. Free C-Monster smartphone app lets you customize your anchor settings to match your fishing style. Available for Android and iOS.

Innovative Design. Enhanced Durability. New stern bracket design for the 8’ & 10’ Blade.

Stronger is better. This innovative new design flexes for improved wave absorption allowing for increased twist on your anchor without worrying about damage to your transom or the bracket itself.

Constructed from stainless steel sheet metal with a polymer core for extreme durability and reduced weight.

Non-corrosive brass bearings stand up to harsh conditions, heavy use and provide long-lasting endurance for peace of mind.

Pre-assembled rod joints keep your anchor tight and stable – making nuts, bolts and regular tightening a thing of the past.

High temperature polymer bracket cover shines with high gloss powder coated finish.

Heavy-duty hydraulic hose exits from the top of the bracket making port or starboard installation a breeze.

The One Pump Advantage

Building on our innovative brushless motor technology, the ONE Pump offers the lightest, smoothest, most powerful operation from a single smaller package. The ONE Pump is 40% lighter, 42% more energy efficient, and 14db quieter compared to a single Power-Pole Blade® Featuring a quick-release mounting bracket to make pump maintenance a breeze. ONE Pump is equipped with synchronized anchor deployment and retraction tech, and built-in manual release valves with (DSSV) drop stop safety valves. Personalize your settings via the Power-Pole app to dial things in just the way you like them.


This is a comparison of the new Power-Pole ONE Pump with two Power-Pole Blade 10' pumps

Comparison Table

  Two Pumps One Dual Anchor Pump
Dry Weight (Without FLUID) 11.3 lbs 7.13 lbs
Overall Weight (With Fluid) 13.7 lbs 8.14 lbs
Cycle Count on 100AH Lithium 1510 2586
Power Consumption For Every 100 Cycles (Watt Hours) 79 46
Current Draw (Deploy) 16.4 A 8.8 A
Current Draw(Retract) 29.5 A 12.6 A
Decibles Running DN(DB) 71.7 53.8
Decibels Running Up(DB) 72.8 61
Decibels Relief Up(DB) 72.8 64.7
Average Running Sound(DB) 72.25 57.4
Energy Savings % X 41.6

This data may vary slightly when comparing the ONE Dual Anchor Pump to other models of Power-Pole single anchor pumps.

ONE Pump Meets ONE Remote

Our ONE Pump Dual Blade packages will arrive with a new ONE Pump wireless remote and cradle. Enhanced with an even stronger wireless connection—providing an even faster response time. Cycle deploy/stow speed with ease using the new speed control button at the bottom of your ONE Pump wireless remote.

One Pump Remote

ONE Pump wireless remote (included) Deploy/Stow your anchors at your speed. NEW speed control feature allows for a quick change in deploy/stow speed by toggling the button:

  • 1 LED = SLOW
  • 2 LED = MEDIUM
One Pump - Remote cradle

Mountable remote dash cradle (included) Stow your ONE Pump wireless remote anywhere you want with our mountable remote cradle for the ONE Pump wireless remote

Stronger. Faster. Smarter.

New Hydraulic Pump Unit (HPU) communicates with controllers 100 times faster with improved signal strength and range. All pumps come pre-programmed for each anchor model providing optimum performance in any condition. With the C-Monster App on your Android or iOS powered device you can customize your HPU to your style of fishing.

Go From Tube to Heavy-duty Hose.

New heavy-duty hose is rated up to 1750psi. Pre-crimped connections make installation as easy as plug and play. Anchors come with enough hose for most installations. Additional hose available in 3, 5 and 10 foot lengths.

A New Breed of Controllers.

Our Standard Two-button Key Fob and our Advanced Surface Mount wireless remotes grant you the power of complete control. Enhanced with C-Monster 2.0 featuring 2-way communication and stronger signal, you get faster response and easy upgrade capability.

Standard two-button key fob (included)Take control anywhere on your boat with manual or double click Auto-Up/Down.

Surface mount switch (included) Features three speed settings, independent control of multiple anchors and double click Auto-Up/Down.

Two button Key Fob Included with single blade anchor
Boat Size Up to 28ft or 4500 lbs
Max Speed 0 to 10ft – 4.66 sec, 0 to 8ft – 4.025 sec
Deployment depth 10 and 8 feet deep
Retracted height 10ft – 68in, 8ft – 55in (from bottom of stern bracket to top of knuckle)
Mounting footprint 5 in W x 6.5 in H
Weight on transom Dual Anchor: 10ft – 57.38 lbs. 8ft – 46.30 lbs | Single Anchor: 10ft – 28.69 lbs. 8ft – 23.15 lbs.
Total weight Dual Anchor: 10ft — 70.82 lbs. 8ft — 57.84 lbs. | Single Anchor: 10ft — 38.19 lbs. 8ft — 31.7 lbs.
Power supply 12V – Brushless motor high volume pump
Operating system C-Monster Control System
Finish 5-layer Powder Coated
Battery life 1,200 cycles per charge (Estimated based on 55 Amp battery)
Warranty 2-year warranty - electrical & hydraulics, 5-year warranty - mechanical parts, Lifetime warranty - Everflex spike
Soft Close Cylinder Yes
Drive off protection Yes
Warranty 5 years - mechanical parts 2 years - electrical & hydraulics Lifetime - Everflex™ spike

5-Year Warranty
Mechanical Parts
2-Year Warranty
Electrical & Hydraulics
Lifetime Warranty
Everflex Spike
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