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Dual Anchors, One Pump

Introducing the new Power-Pole ONE Pump, strong enough to power dual shallow water anchors smoother and quieter than ever before. The ONE Pump is our most advanced hydraulic system featuring our most powerful brushless motor, along with upgraded circuit board and valves. Our Dual Anchors ONE Pump package will be available on all Blade model anchors.

  • Operate Dual Anchors with a Single Pump
  • Weight (40% Lighter)
  • Less AMP Draw (41.6% More Efficient)
  • Saves 50% of the Space in the Boat
  • Reduced Install Time
  • Quick-Release Mounting Bracket
  • Manual Pressure Release with Drop Stop Safety Valve
  • Built-In Drive Off Protection
  • Upgraded Circuit Board
  • Extremely Quiet

New Black out Blade Edition Available Only With One Pump

The sleek and aggressive look of the Black Out Edition features a matte black U-Channels, knuckle and Stern Bracket finished with gloss black logos. Only available with the One Pump package.

For over 25 years, our engineers have been designing, testing and refining our products to perform under the toughest conditions. Power-Pole is the most trusted shallow water anchor in the world.

10Ft 8Ft


Building on our innovative brushless motor technology, the ONE Pump offers the smoothest, quietest, and most powerful operation in a single smaller package.

Compare the Dual Anchor One Pump Advantage

This is a comparison of the new Power-Pole ONE Pump with two Power-Pole Blade® pumps

  Two Pumps One Dual Anchor Pump
Dry Weight (Without FLUID) 11.3 lbs 7.13 lbs
Overall Weight (With Fluid) 13.7 lbs 8.14 lbs
Cycle Count on 100AH Lithium 1510 2586
Power Consumption For Every 100 Cycles (Watt Hours) 79 46
Current Draw (Deploy) 16.4 A 8.8 A
Current Draw(Retract) 29.5 A 12.6 A
Decibles Running DN(DB) 71.7 53.8
Decibels Running Up(DB) 72.8 61
Decibels Relief Up(DB) 72.8 64.7
Average Running Sound(DB) 72.25 57.4
Energy Savings % X 41.6

* This data my vary slightly when comparing the ONE Dual Anchor Pump to other models of Power-Pole single anchor pumps.

2 Anchors Featuring the new One Pump Logo Pump


Less Room

Quick release mounting bracket makes installation and maintenance of the ONE Pump easier and quicker

Total Boat Control

When you add additional Power-Pole products on your boat, they seamlessly communicate with one another using our C-Monster Network. Power-Pole has also integrated with GARMIN, LOWRANCE, SIMRAD, and MERCURY providing the most complete boating solutions.

Every ONE Pump uses our upgraded hydraulic valves which offer
improved filtration and are precisely set for maximum performance.
These valves are self-contained and color-coded for simple
maintenance and replacement.

10Ft 8Ft

U.S Based Customer Support

Every Power-Pole product is backed by the best
customer service in the marine industry. Period.

INCLUDES 2 Newly Redesigned Wireless Remotes

The New Wireless Remotes can be used as both handheld and as a dash switch.

(Includes mountable dash cradle)

Download the Power-Pole App

Download the Power-Pole App

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